Trumpeter Swans - Following family July 2013 to July 2014 #J06 & 084 and 4 Cygnets, and new in Dec H93 & mate & 2 signets

084 is female & hatched by co-op pairs 1994 & released in Pickering Feb 1995. J06 is male banded Oct 2011in Frenchman's Bay. This family started spring 2013 with 5 cygnets and then lost one. Sightings from July to Apr.2014. In Dec. H93 with mate & 2 signets new to Frenchman's Bay. On Dec. 17 2013 the Bay is iced over & spotted 084 & J06 & 4 signets on Lake Ontario & was able to call them in to shore. On Dec. 18 3 new Trumpeters landed on ice with one banded as J07. On Apr. 12 14 spotted 3 cygnets near Toronto Island at foot of York St. where they spent 3 mth. with Dad J06 who then left for Frenchman's Bay and has a new girlfriend. Also at foot of York St. was banded Swan's L67 & M09

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